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NON-TOXIC Cookware

Ondine is cooking as an art-form like never done before. Experience luxury cookware that is non-toxic, oven-to-table, and protects the purity of taste and nutrients in the food you cook.

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Made from the highest grade 316Ti titanium, Ondine cookware is an heirloom that gets better with age. We’re so confident we offer a lifetime guarantee. Not only is titanium durable, it’s also non-toxic, which means nasty chemicals don’t leach into your food. The result is food that is pure in taste and nutrients. Ondine cookware also heats evenly, so food cooks evenly. With its natural non-stick quality, you can cook without oil or water.


Elegance and beauty meet form and function as imagined by Ondine. This is the type of cookware you want to show off, with its brass handles and shiny titanium creating the centrepiece on any table. Delight as you seamlessly transfer food from oven to table where it stays warm to enjoy for the entire meal.

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Many of the finest chefs in the world cook with Ondine, celebrities too. You may have seen Ondine in action on Masterchef or Canale 5.

Very proud to be working as an ambassador for Ondine. Great cookery starts with first in class ingredients and is transformed by having the right tools. These pans are exceptional and are used at Trinity restaurant.
— Adam Byatt, Michelin Star Chef owner of Trinity Restaurant - London
High-tech, elegant and yet functional, a real pleasure to use on a daily base, the ultimate self-indulgent luxury.
Not only the ideal thickness truly helps avoiding unnecessary fats during the cooking process, but the shape looks beautiful on every table, even a festive one.
— Gaia and Olivier - Customers from London