Can you believe that there are over 1500 chemicals in your home?

Our home is meant to be our safe haven. The kitchen is the heart of the home and where most families spend their time and yet it is slowly poisoning us. Why? It’s the harsh chemicals we use to clean. Plastics are used on virtually every product. Let alone the pesticides on our foods. Is it no wonder people are getting sicker and sicker?

So what are my antidotes?

• Limit your use of plastics

• Go for fresh or frozen fruits and veggies (organic where possible)

• Instead of cellophane use bee’s wax wrap

• Use ceramic/glass jars and containers for storage

• Use a stainless-steel canister or lunch box

• Avoid aluminum instead use baking parchment free of chemicals or bee’s wrap

• Opt for stainless steel, ceramic or glass cookware instead

• Avoid tinned food

• Switch the microwave for the oven

• Use glass-bottled water instead of plastic or install a water filter

• Keep houseplants to improve the air quality of your home

• Use essential oils or natural candles instead of synthetic air fresheners

• Better alternative: Freshen the air with better ventilation and by setting out a saucer of bicarbonate of soda. You also can place a bowl of white vinegar in a room to dispel a stale smell. I often spritz my environment with a small spray bottle containing water and a few drops of my favourite essential oils

• Use organic cleaning products or better still make your own. (It’s surprisingly easy and cost effective!)

• A highly effective cleaning solution for the kitchen is one-part white vinegar and nine parts water

• Avoid harsh laundry detergents. You can swap for organic products or use eco zone balls or homemade laundry formulas

• Try to switch your shower gels and shampoos to more natural products

• Use body oils like coconut, almond or rose to moisturize and castile liquid soap

• Avoid Antibacterial soaps

• Good old-fashioned soap and warm water kills just as many germs as the chemical soaps. Remember something as simple as lemon juice kills most bacteria on your surfaces