Now that spring has finally arrived (we hope!) detoxing our home is very much something we all gravitate towards doing.

Spring cleaning is a cultural tradition but which also holds very much a metaphor of “new beginnings and de-cluttering our minds”. So it’s a great time to cleanse your home. Detoxing your pantry is very much the area in your home to concentrate the most on this year. The war on plastic has gained a tremendous amount of awareness globally, which is a fantastic movement for the future of our planet, so how can we make a difference at home?

My first suggestion would be to go to your pantry and look at what you have. Are most of your foods wrapped in plastic? Do you have stacks of plastic plates and cups gathering dust waiting for that much-anticipated picnic or BBQ?

  • Time to ban plastic and replace with biodegradable alternatives!

  • Replace plastic straws with paper straws

  • Buy bamboo or biodegradable plates, cups & cutlery

  • Use a reusable cup for your coffee on the go

  • Bring a reusable flask with you to work for water

  • Replace all plastic packaging with glass or ceramic jars & containers

  • Try to buy foods that are contained in paper packaging instead of plastic

  • Avoid buying fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic

  • Brew your own coffee instead of using coffee capsules

  • Buy milk in glass bottles

  • Bring a glass jar with you to the shop for foods like olives etc (I know this might sound strange but soon everyone will be doing this so you might as well get into the habit now!)

Once you’ve cleansed your pantry all you need is an e-cloth and water to blitz your home with no chemicals. Then open all your windows and let the breeze do the rest!

Happy cleaning!