Born out of a passion for food and art, Ondine combines 'the ultimate in cooking performance with beautiful, contemporary design,' but paying for luxury comes with a heavy price tag.

Ondine has been five years in the making, and with a hand polished, high gloss finish and handles individually cast in bronze, the attention to detail almost makes it look too good to use.

Marie worked closely with Italy's top craftsmen from Serafino Zani to develop the luxury Platine Collection of small and medium saucepans, a skillet, casserole dish, sauté pan, stock pot and an oval roasting pan.

Launching exclusively in Harrods, Ondine's signature is the use of 316Ti Titanium grade stainless steel - currently the finest grade used in the cookware industry. Unlike regular stainless steel, it has a unique quality that prevents leaching of potentially harmful chemicals into your cooking. It is also non-corrosive and resistant to pitting, which can result from salt residue.

In fact, it turns out to be a dream for keen cooks, as less oil is required to cook, and the surface is easier to clean. Billed as 'more than just a cookware brand,' Ondine champions a philosophy of enjoying food and enhancing the experience of cooking.

'As a qualified nutrition health coach, I have always had a passion for cooking and really believe that high quality cookware not only looks beautiful, but also enhances your cooking experience,' says founder and creative director, Marie Guerlain. 'The Ondine Platine Collection combines performance with cutting edge design influenced by both my family heritage in luxury goods and my career as an artist.'

Annalise Fard, director of home and beauty at Harrods, adds: 'We are thrilled to be launching Ondine exclusively at Harrods. We find that our discerning customers are not only looking for equipment of professional quality, but objects with which they can truly connect and which have a story behind them. Ondine brings together the heritage of the Guerlain dynasty with quality, innovation and artistry.'

Priced from £355, the collection will be available from the Harrods Cookshop on the Second Floor, at and at